Quest Japan

Welcome to Quest Japan and Hike Japan walking adventures

Welcome to the Hike Japan website, and the start of what could be a real adventure.

Our guided walking holidays are designed for travellers who are naturally active. We explore extraordinary landscapes - sites of special cultural and environmental interest and beauty. The sacred Kumano mountains of the Kii Peninsula (World Heritage site status in 2004), Hakusan - the eWhite Mountainf, the North Alps in Central Japan, the mountains of Hokkaido, pilgrimage routes in Shikoku, the Sanin Kaigan National Park on the Japan Sea Coast, Kyushu, Yakushima island, and the ancient capitals of Asuka, Nara, and Kyoto, to name but a few.
The rhythm and pace of the journeys is designed to give clients a vivid experience of the country and the chance to meet local people. The paths we follow may be new to many, but they are paths worn by the imagination of those who have gone before. The Hike Japan philosophy is that walking, staying in traditional, local family-run accommodation (minshuku, ryokan, and temples), and eating freshly prepared, seasonal food, is a good way to encounter other places and people. We want to give you the opportunity to discover something about the essence of what makes Japan so special.
Independent, professional leaders and guides escort the group the whole way. Their knowledge of local history and culture adds considerable valuable to the tours. Other experts and interpreters join us along the way.
Wefre here to make your journey a real adventure.

Quest Japan has offices in Japan and the UK.