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Haiku poems composed on the Imperial Pilgrimage Tour
in Autumn 2003

Two hundred thousand
Mossy stones of live long lost
Cedars hide the past
(voted winner)

Toilet slippers on
Hello Kitty in the loo
Kawai How cute

Buddhist or Shinto
Temple roofs curving skywards
Reaching to heaven

Mounds of mossy green
Reflected in the water
Time passes in thought

Cold slimy mushrooms
Blobs of tofu and sour plums
Yum, yum, yum, yum. Not

Seraphina Berry

"Drink, Drink" said the monk
Why not meditate with me?
Arabella ran a mile

The following haiku was written on the Odaigahara Plateau

Cascading waters
Spray obscures the bleached rocks
We clamber skywards

The following haiku was written on the Nakaheji Pilgrimage

Ghost pilgrims hide
Snakes slither away
The gaijin approach

Bob san is the man
He knows all about Japan
But can't produce geisha

Beware shoe police!
Tread on tatami you are dead!
Toilet slippers. Hai!

Martin Thompson

The following haiku was written at Taimadera Temple near Nara

Ghostly koto notes
Autumn leaves in the rain
Raindrops softly fall

The following haiku was written on the Odaigahara Plateau

Trekkers, tourists, juxtaposed
An autumn leaf falls

The following haiku was written at Ryujin Onsen in Wakayama

Hot spring bath alone
Voices wafting in the night
Relief for tired legs

The Gut-buster Hill
Poetic in its naming?
Deep green mossy steps

Lydia Challen

Meet the mountain monk
His conch, he blows, we listen
Generous to all

The Kumano trek
Your heart pounding, legs burning
More stamps. Oops! poor crab

Half a world away
Home of Kobo Daishi
The smell of incense

Steve King


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