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Haiku poems composed Springtime in the Heart of Japan Tour
April 2005

The toilet hot seat
Unaccustomed luxury
I think I'll steal it

(voted winner)

Japanese translation of winning haiku

And all those girls with short hair
My favourite things

A haiku moment
Appears unexpectedly
And is gone again

Culinary joy
But my knees are deadly sore
Spreading to my bum

13 th of April
My big brother Pat's birthday
I'm younger than him

Smiling monk in blue
Teaching us to be as one
Lost when on our own

Dermot Nelis


A haiku for Mieko:

Imbue our haiku
With a sensitivity
It currently lacks

A single petal's
Terminal velocity

Despite the haiku
Thank you for a lovely time
Sayonara Bob!

Alison Ford


Kobo Daishi's
Eternal meditation?
They're having a laugh!

A problem haiku
Banality clothed in an
Accurate word count

The art of Basho
Words precisely in their place
Seeking speech in life

Ichi, ni, san, shi!
An Osaka child repeated
My small Japanese

Time for a haiku
On the train to Kyoto
Time, too, for a nap

Patrick Nelis


Can you imagine
A thousand years ago when
There were no roads here?

A sweat-soaked green shirt
Hongu to Yunomine
Dainichi Pass

Five cups of saké
A warm afternoon in spring
Train to Kyoto

Invisible frogs
Echoes of an aching heart
Kumano spring

Louts matrix world
Children play at the feet of
The Cosmic Buddha

Quiet Kyoto
It must be quite cool outside
Heated toilet seat

A game of soccer
The children of Asuka
Bury the ball. Goal!

Bob Heffill


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