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We've had a very busy spring, running half a dozen tours, and the rest of 2017 looks good for Quest Japan as we prepare for our summer and autumn trips. This is a brief report from just one of tour spring tours, with a link to some pictures. Enjoy!

Haiku poems are moments distilled in just a few words. These haiku were composed by folk on our recent, wonderful Slow Trains to Kyoto tour -

The leafless tree
With outstanding branches
Welcomes the bird


Anticipated blossom
In bloom, now gone forever
Glimpse into Japan's soul


The day was sunshine
We walked, climbed the many steps
To reach fulfilment



When we started our journey, the cherry blossom were in bud or only just showing in the trees. When we reached out destination, the trees were in full bloom.

An almost palpable excitement sweeps Japan as the cherry blossom moves from the southern islands northwards to Hokkaido. People start scrutinizing trees and individual flowers. The flavour of the blossom and leaves infuse food and drinks. The whole country goes blossom bonkers.

Visiting Hiroshima, the rain on Miyajima cleared, but the sun shone on our visit to the Peace Park, and we enjoyed more sunny days as we made our way, on slow, local trains, along the Japan Sea Coast to Kyoto, from West Shimane, stopping at Matsue and Kinosaki Onsen on the way.

Snow still covered Mount Daisen. We walked as far as the inner shrine, and Daisenji Temple.

It's always a real pleasure to visit Matsue, and our time in the small city this April was no exception. Calm, friendly, very pretty, Matsue, as a base, offers good access to some most interesting sites, including the Izumo Grand Shrine, Mount Daisen, and the Adachi Museum of Art. Then, of course, there's the Lafcadio Hearn connection to learn about.

The food, as usual, was extraordinarily good. Our ryokan and the restaurants did us proud. We experienced the amazing range, and great qualities, of Japanese food culture.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing experience - the Slow Trains to Kyoto has set the bar high for me now regarding other trips I'll take. I really appreciated how you had put everything together - from the choice of cities and towns, and the hotels and ryokans, to the sights we saw in each place, the food we ate, the explanations you provided about all of it, and how well you looked after a group of people with varying needs and interests.  Bravo!'







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