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Haiku poems composed during the Mountains of Central Japan tour September 2004

In peaceful zazen
Sits the weary traveller
Restful Eiheiji
(voted winner)

Temples of Nara stand tall
Years of wisdom on a watchful world
In age men tramp dusty halls

Through cloud, rain, and wind
The aching climber ambles on
Under Yari's watchful gaze

Mythical Kirin, heavenly body
How much we chase you down alleyways
A hangover our reward

Autumn colours set apart
Maples, bamboo, and mountain ash
Yet hide the shy monkeys of Kamikochi

Chikurin-in Yoshino
Maple leaves dance to typhoon tune
While bathers soak in blissful tub

Neil Phillips

Bear wakes in the morning
Replete in it's yaris den
The pillow is gone
(voted second)

Baths have been taken
Tires limbs are revived
Asahi time is here

Rain in Yoshino
Trees weep in the mountain mist
The typhoon passes

Golden fields of rice
Frogs, splashing herons stalking
Harvest time arrives

Track winding, wheels screeching
Through dense woodlands and deep gorges
The train grinds on

The forest beckons
Screeching in the trees, branches rustle
The monkeys stay still

Neil Perry

Beauty of a butterfly
Like a journey through
Japan Is ended too soon
(Voted third equal)

Hot bath with a view
A quiet time contemplating
The joys of the day

Russ Phillips

Last shared teapot
Six friends
Parting forever
(voted third equal)

Rain on my face
Mount Yari
Lost in a cloud

Sweet, soft rainfall
Lucky in Yoshino
Typhoon somewhere else

Chris Shewen

Scrubbed clean
Sink into hot bubbling water
Suffocating burst out onto cold floor

Water flooding off fields
After rain, sun
Road dries, worm dies

Zazen eyes downcast
Breathing deepens drifting down
Sharp pain on right shoulder

Paula Perry

No sounds in the storm
Break the silence. Insects creep
Along the red carpet

Beautiful light now
The train to Hashimoto
Nearing journey's end

My mind, wandering
Rests on Yuka next to me
The bell brings me back

Umbrella, beret
Chris emerges from the mist

Sound of the river
Rain falling in Yoshino
Soon I will see you

Bob Heffill


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