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Haiku poems composed during the Northern Horizons -
Main Island and Hokkaido Tour 2006

Thunder threatening
Nonchalant fox saunters by
This is my kingdom

(voted winner) Japanese translation of winning haiku

Raimei ni
Okoku yogiru


On hills evasive
In a cage bold, beguiling
Squirrel gets his nuts

Frantic traffic roars
Along the stilted serpent
Below the river sighs

The bear debauches
Emitting sulphurous fumes
Aching limbs unwind

Perspiring walker
Agile bear chasing honey
For whom tolls the bell?

Nigel Perry


  Charming ladies
Mystery unexplained
O Munakata

(voted second)

Heat wave in August
Ice block sweats its life away
Abashiri Prison

(voted third)

At night beside you
The dark sea, awake, breathing
Teasing our senses

Hokkaido 's challenge
Asahidake conquered
Hike Japan again

We hike Hokkaido
To find cows, chipmunks, snakes, deer
And only one, lonely sheep

Stephen Wentworth


Claw marks on a tree
Hokkaido Brown Bear nearby
Daunting possibility

Land normally snow-covered
Hosts fragile flowers

Sitting in the onsen
Watching sunset gently drifting
A large wasp attacks

‘What country?' she asked
‘Do you like Japanese baths?'
‘Fantastic' I said

Paula Perry


Paper here cans there
Non-combustible somewhere else
O bung it in the bin

(voted second)

Haiku Hokkaido
Struggle, struggle in the heat
Where's my Sapporo ?

Where have all the bears gone
Hiding in Shiretoko
Dare we walk the path?

I just saw one sheep
Tame in a Hokkaido field
O Murakami!

Sweating going up
Sweltering on the way down
Now the hot onsen

Kate Wentworth


A park full of beer
Sapporo I adore you
My idea of heaven

Up at four-thirty
Onsen around six-thirty
Bob's tours never rest

Bears all around us
What a tasty treat we make
Our defence … a bell

Drummers, warriors
Dancing, marching band, bondage
A dog, Neputa

Keith Harding


Chocolate-coated crisps
I just couldn't resist them
Plastic replicas!

(voted second)

Not as potent as
The essence of this haiku
Hiker's smelly socks

On Rausu-dake
Bear crashing through undergrowth?
No, someone's fallen!

Campanula and primrose
Jewels around the peaks. Summer
On Daisetsuzan

Bob Heffill


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