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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Route tour October 2010

Soothed by hot water
Hear her cold sister tumbles
Playing rough music

Red crab sideways run
To dodge the descending boot
Crushing your defences

The conches weird call echoes
Calling the spirits

Moss and fern clad steps
Make stairways to the stars
A pilgrim's penance

Past, present, future
Learn from the past for today
Future contentment

The nightingale sings
Giving warning of terror
Or music divine

Ray Pickett


We flew with the gods
Now we must return to earth
Our days will be blessed

Life is peaceful bliss
Riches here, riches everywhere
Watch out for the bears

Joe Molina


On the path of life
We sometimes meet new friends
Memories linger

Barbara Calvert


South Dakota is my state
I live there now
But don't relate

Dick Knecht


Married, fifty two
Travelling companions, good mates
Ray's secret – ‘Yes, dear'

  Dick's definitely deaf
Milton's promised Judy he'd care
Brothers together

Bean pillows, sore head
Not far to roll out of bed
Futons make good beds

With conch, bells, chimes, voices
Kosho-san, our monk in Japan
Blesses the waterfall

Road so narrow
Trust driver, arrive alive
Waterfalls, perfect

Cathy McGowan


Shoes on in the house
Different for the bathroom
Not those! These ones! Hai !

I slept on in bed
But the temple monks came by
‘OK'. So I got out

Click, click, click of sticks
The pilgrims stride up the steps
Bow their heads and clap

Jill Pickett


Japanese coffee
A quiet ceremony
In the countryside

The urge to enter
Seems unstoppable!
The ladies bathroom

Deep in Kumano
Joe's laughter alarms us, and
The three-legged crows

Is it rubbish? No!
Priscilla Queen of Miho
Dropped on the bus floor

We're all in awe
Dick – a champion walker
From South Dakota

Walking in silence
An emptiness manifest
Silence in walking

Bob Heffill


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