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At Takahara Kumano Jinja Shrine

At the waterfall

Bamboo grove

Bamboo groves in Arashiyama

Barbara with 'the human compass'

Dick in the old tree at Nachi Falls

Japan Bob and Tree

Kerry giving it welly

Kyoto ramen noodle shop

At the waterfall with Kosho san

Ray and Kosho in harmony

Ray at Rakushisha

Ryokan in Kyoto

Taizoin Garden

Yam-like Japanese satoimo growing

The Imperial Pilgrimage Tour - October 2010

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Many of our clients come from the UK, North America, and Australia. There were eight participants on this year's autumn IPR, with the States, Australia, and England represented. It was a brilliant tour and there were some fine haiku poems written during the journey.


We flew with the gods
Now we must return to earth
Our days will be blessed


One of the highlights of the tour, as ever, was our day in Oku Kumano. On arrival at Sangakurin, we were treated to very special Chinese tea ceremony done by one of Kosho-san's friends. After a relaxing morning and lunch, we travelled up a narrow valley road to a hidden waterfall respected by gyoja mountain priests. Below the falls we played some music and observed other shugendo rituals.


With conch, bells, chimes, voices
Kosho-san, our monk in Japan
Blesses the waterfall


The conches weird call echoes
Calling the spirits


A very direct way of getting in touch with the nature spirits! We were most fortunate. That evening we enjoyed the usual dinner, and drinking, with Kosho-san.


Aromatic coffee - brought from the States - and the morning coffee ceremony, was another memorable part of the tour. Thanks Joe!


One of the walks I enjoyed most was the hike around Nachi-san and finding a tree at the top of the mountain that resembled an apple tree. Just like the one Kimura found on his mountain, and which is described in the English translation of the book Miracle Apples which I translated from the Japanese last year. You'll find it on Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace website




The tree was actually one of the many species in Japan that produce donguri (acorns or nuts).


Another of the pleasures of that day's walk was emerging from the misty climb into the woods above Nachi, and being rewarded, at the top, with a view to the coast and the southernmost tip of the main island of Honshu.


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Myoshinji in North Kyoto
Nachi Falls in the mist from Nachi san
Paintings on sliding doors at Taizoin
Rakushisha near Kyoto
Small tea plantation guided tour by the 'human compass'
Small tea plantation
Stone lantern in Nijo Castle grounds
Success at indido dyeing
Garan on Mount Koya
Miho Museum seasonal flower arrangement

Dick on the smallest digger he'd ever seen!

Evening music at temple lodging on Mount Koya

Greeting the kami of the waterfall

Group at Takejiri Oji

Hiking into Takahara Kumano Jinja

Joe giving us a twirl in his new kimono

Kerry and Cathy at Rakushisha

Kyoto vegetable on display outside a restaurant.

Miho Museum

Kumano roadside mobile installation

Slurping ramen noodles

View across to Nijosan from the Yamanobe no michi.

Three-legged crow post box in Kumano


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