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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Tour
May 2004

Beautiful mountains
Forests of a thousand greens
Image of Japan
(voted winner)

Japanese translation of winning haiku

(translated by Mieko Yoshida)

Hot cedar wood baths
Outside under midnight stars
Morning forest green

Boots off, flip flops on
Flip flops off, toilet ones on
Flip flops off for mats

Up, up, up, up, up
Down, down, down, to hot cedar baths
Delicious food served

Up down, up down, up
Now only down, slowly, slowly
Lunch of pot noodles

Temples, Buddha, rain
Children's hats of red, yellow
Steps, steps, thousand steps

Penny King

Heavy May rainfall
On ancient Kumano Way
Shows greenery best

Two boobies on show
Three women in a hot tub
Who dared show and tell

May rain on the trail
Slippy moss covered boulders
Falling like nine pins

Waterfall dripping
Along the Kumano trail
Creates mossy stones

Pretty Yoshino
Where are the cherry blossoms?
Must come back again

Peaceful ryokan
Paper walls, tatami mats
Shuffling feet on floors

Sylvia Eldridge

Mist covered mountains
Disappearing in the haze
Rain dripping from leaves

Winding inexorably
Up through the clouds

Path to Koguchi
Sunlight dapples though trees
Wind in the branches

Oku no in path
Birds sing high in the cedars
Walk in cool green shade

Kumano Kodo
Gravity defying paths
Up, up, up, and down

Mountains wreathed in mist
Good food and good companions

Janet Woolbar

Walking and talking
With friends once new, now old
Days pass very quickly

Mountains to walk up
Too many temples to see
No time for haiku

Footpaths ascending
Footpaths descending, and then
Paths ascending again

Brollies on holiday
Surely this type of weather
We can get at home?

Keith Harding

Hot snot? No, hot soup
Just where do you draw the line?
Exquisite colours

More steps than raindrops
Masses and masses of moss
Gates to eternity

We saw ten monkeys
But two of us missed them
Who's the monkey now?

'I can't write haiku'
Well, that's what everyone thinks
Until they hike Japan

Bob Heffill


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