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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Tour
October 2006

I spoke with the moon
In the darkness of my night
Deep silence replies

(voted winner)

Two Japanese translations of this poem


Autumn deepens
Many summers pass
Who among us sees the spring?

Existentialism saves
Highway haiku raves
Pollyannas's girlish ways

Barbara Gansmiller


Busy roads, busy life
Yet down side streets and pathways
An island of calm

Isolated walks
Footsteps echo through endless woods
Serenity found

Two weeks have passed
I will remember these times
With the friends I've made

John Walker


Moss softens footsteps
Through aeons of time
Still reborn

Winter wonder
Red, yellow, gold
Silenced by snow

Wet road snakes down valley
Serpent changes skin
To sunshine

Spring symphony
Flowers in profusion
Each perfect

Rosie Baldwin


Wolves should be dancing
Not skin lost in dusty drawers
Spirit rest in peace

The perilous descent
Almost kills inspiration
But, poet master
You were always on my mind

Autumn in Japan
Moss green steps, zen rock gardens
What's this on my plate?

Ann Tobin


Echoes in the pines
Pondering tranquillity
Hikers in a queue

Light flooding garden
Water ripples from a stone pool
Bamboos welcome sigh

Knees are aching now
Moss covered steps lead us down
Shrines lead us home

Sue Williscroft


Sixty one years on
Since the end of World War II
Yoshino autumn

Sasa grass sways
Silence at Saigyo's hut
Autumn leaves falling

Thinking of you
I climb the steps with care
But my heart is broken



Bob Heffill


Thanks to Yoko Mazaki and Ai Shimomura for the Japanese translations of the haiku poems.


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