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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Route tour May 2008

George had no udon
Because Carl took the last bowl
So George was quite upset

But George got revenge
He drank all the beer that night
And Carl just had scotch

Here I sit broken-hearted
Paid one hundred hard earned yen
And only farted

(haiku on a Japanese heated seat pay toilet wall)

Carl Hamacher


  Janet left her pants
In a mountain ryokan
Anyone find them?

Kobo Daishi
Please eat your evening meal
And come back to life

Ippudo lunch
Dumplings and noodles
Akaramu kasa ne ah, oishii!

Peter Goodman


Pete left hat on post
Lucky Janet found it
Now he owes her one!

Watching the sumo
With bare fat boobs and buttocks
Made me feel sylph-like

Janet Goodman


Matsumoto san
Magnificent flying fern thrower
Makes fun for us all

Peter Hunter missing
Oh no, he's lost his glasses!
Hey Bob, wait for him!

Trees, leaves, temples and shrines
A beautiful timeless place
Hike Japan calls us back

Deslys Hunter


Hot baths are good for
Relaxing the body and soul
Totos come second

Sitting on your knees
Is so difficult at best
But the food is great!

Futons are hard
And the bean bags crick the neck
Oh for a soft mattress!

Peter Hunter


Hills, shrines, and temples
Ryokan, onsen, futon
Sushi, tofu, tea

Jan Nolan


Rain misted temple
Ring bell, clap twice, and pray
Fern flying downhill

Long climb to hill top
Butterfly floats on by
Soak into a hot bath

Zoe Davies


  Shinkansen very fast
Ten walking up very slow
Trains buses the go

I can't walk and talk
Neither can I climb and rhyme
Ryokan for me!

George Kerr


Lotus crunch, sour plum
Silken sake, sashimi
Sweet bean, bitter tea

Green bamboo, cedar
Baby shrines on mountain paths
Blue sky, pink petals

Elizabeth Hamacher


Is this answer?
One must climb to reach the top
What will I find there?

Last lunch together
Tasty ramen in Kyoto
Long may our dreams live!

Bob Heffill


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