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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Route tour October 2009

As friends we arrive
At priest Saigyo's hut. The wind sighs
We all write our poems

At priest Saigyo's hut
Wind caressing maples

A chill autumn wind
At Saigyo's hut. Maple leaves
Green turning to red

Soul-searching pilgrim
Walks alone today. But wait …
What was lost is found!

Like a faithful dog
A step behind its owner
Eric's walking stick

Sitting and watching
I see a praying mantis
At Nanzenji

Laughter in the hills
Traveller with flame red hair
Our warm autumn girl

Party at Kosho's
B's Hawaiian dance and song
Make the evening

Bright green ferns and moss
Light filters through tall cedars
Kumano mountains

Walking in wonder
Sharing these moments in time
New friends grow closer

An eternity
Miroku Bodhisattva
Journey without end



All five elements
Hatred, jealousy, sorrow, want
Peace I find in void

Kumono Kodo
Fall has arrived here softly
Yellow brown red green

The road to Hongu
Sunshine smiled brightly on us
How long will it last?

Misty early light
Monks chanting for laden soul
Can you hear their cry

Take a closer look
Autumn red may not linger
Lonely monk whispers

Eat drink merry be
Tomorrow may bring more rain
This is all I know

The Philosopher's Path
Led to sunset lit garden
Words cannot describe



Wooden sandal tilt
A hole in the paper wall
You make us laugh bill

Red bean Obasan
You fill my hands with Mikan
And my heart with warmth

Drum and conch shell horn
Monk sake and hula dance
Reconnect us all

Natural Onsen
Soak away our aches and pain
‘Til the next morning

Soaking wet with rain
Crossing rivers, climbing hills
Nachi Falls. Priceless

Pretty bowls and plate
Petite morsel on display
Eat to heart's content

Herd of Nara deer
Feed them with deer crackers
They will bite you hard


Chanter pleads at dawn
Let the enlightenment be
The light from within

Lei of Aloha
I'll always remember you
It was meant to be

Walking on geta
On a moonless Ryujin night
Seesaw in the dark

And the shida asks
Will I be a butterfly
Only the wind knows.

Wishes for fortune
Silent prayers from the heart
Dancing in the rain

Remember it was
Beneath the shimenawa
That lives were entwined

Beauty of color
For the eyes who wish to see
The souls of the trees

Perhaps it's sake
Or vessels of emptiness
With the same intent

Sometimes I wonder
The promises of Buddha
Are they forever

I saw you walking
On the Kanji that whispers
No further from here



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