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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Route tour May 2010

Sun peers through the mist
Mossy stones to balance on
Strolling with grey view

Under foot leaves, twigs
Warm breeze brushes our cool breath
Home to samurai

Flowers, steps, sticks, wind
Hike Japan persistence
With good cheer, sake

Tom Preston


Man who plays with fire
Doesn't stop to count his yen
Me must love his work

Follow kodo trail
Collecting words like driftwood
Give form to your dreams

Toss a coin and ring a bell
The roots reach the sky

David Lightfoot


Ancient roots
Boughs unfurled
Fallen friends repaired

Gentle laughter
Falls around us
Like spring rain

Skilful guide
Broad sight, spare speech
Heads bowed

Josie Preston


jo nan world of noh
Amusing and delightful
shin ki kyo


Male, female, are noh
Amusing and delightful
Gods, demons, madness

Anson Levine


Walk, climb, dream, feel, fear
Far up, way down, noises
To hold on, let go

Temple floor vibrates
Mountain spirits living here
Genuine or not

Carol Tripp


Nothing in my head to say
Write me a haiku
Taking a break from it all

Karen Ueberwasser


Hot water, hot rocks
Smelly eggs and smelly socks
Yunomine. Phew!

Fresh tuna liver
Onion and ginger garnish
We are most honoured!

Travelling with friends
The swallows here are happy
Satsuki Onsen

Orange and turquoise
Bumble bee and butterfly
Kumano kodo

As the fresh breeze blows
The maple leaves are lifted
Then we here the bell

At Kosho-san's house
For god's sake we drink saké
In celebration

Dreaming in the bath
Sun burns off the morning mist
Satsuki Onsen

Bob Heffill


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