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Haiku poems composed during the Japan Cultural Highlights and Japan Alps Tour August 2012


In other life
A colorful kimono
Draped my peaceful soul

I am not a goat
I slip and slide unbalanced
Oh my, oh my, oooops!

Laurie Content


  Forever grateful
Your love of Japan shines through
Bob-san, our sensei

Alex Brown


‘Food fit for a king'
Five senses delight
In delicious perfection
Then, techno-throne

‘In Japan'
Thoughtfulness abounds
So why tatami my back?
Hard nights make good days

Sam Caram

Breakfast at seven
Walk in the garden ‘til lunch
What time is dinner?

Connor Ross

  London Olympics
Humidity our challenge
Here in hot Japan

Cicadas sing
Flute music hangs in the air
Asano River

Red hot, humid days
Evening in our farmhouse

Japan v Egypt
One nil at half time. Wild joy.
Japan wins two nil!

Sometimes hard to swallow
Gloopy, jelly, slimy sauce
Gimme a break, please!

Herons and egrets
Hayden and Ryan arrive
Flying Thunderbird

Cheery West Coast Gang
Travelling together
Summer in Japan

Gavin and Connor
Almost outshone by Alex
Karaoke songs

Bob Heffill


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