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Haiku poems composed during the Early Spring Imperial Pilgrimage Tour
March 2006

Robert unites Robert
To be a gigantic robot
Fly back to Sweden
(to Robert's two sons)

Many beautiful girls
Dressed in kimono passing by
Just beginning to bloom

Meg Mazaki

Knoppar i väntan
På vårens första värme
Utan en tanke

Cherry buds waiting
For the first warmth of spring
Without a thought

Droplets in the air
On the Old Kumano trail
Where are they going?

  Robert Almqvist

Asayo is here
A Bare Back Mountain Moment
Just for the record

Beyond the mountains
Lotus matrix world secrets
Reflections on life

Blossom buds
Chilly winds in Kyoto
Hot bath feels so good

Air, space, light, and laughs
At Shionomisaki
Mono no aware

  Bob Heffill


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