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Haiku poems composed during the Mountains of Central Japan Tour September 2008


Tofu is trembling
On my shopsticks. Slips off
What the hell. It sucks


Surfeit of shochu
Footwear faux pas in the loo
Final gaijin gaff


Janice Reynolds



Recycled knickers
Shochu and sake, that's the way
To Yarigatake


Our ichiban guide
And the rest of the crew
Up hill or down - they knew what to do


The final ascent was a bit of shocker
But as the bard might have said -
'What a glorious sight, but you're off your rocker!'


Alexander Machlachlan



Danny Boy, No woman no cry .
Karaoke songs


Top banana monk
Down the boozer on Koya
Recycled knickers


In a small mountain hut
Two of us sharing a room
Thunder and lightning


Bob Heffill



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