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Haiku poems composed during the Mountains of Central Japan Tour September 2007


Stones covered with moss
Another to remember
The trip of delights

(voted best haiku)

Japanese translation of winning haiku

Climbing with the sun
Higher, higher, rocks below
Roots tangled with fear

Jim Kenney


Cycling in Asuka
Old and new stones, danger awaits
Golden nature shines

Snake and tortoise
Primal forces of earth
Spirit descend

Minshuku, ryokan
Bob-san offers his fine taste
Precious memories

Chie Lee


I have nothing to say
I am saying it now
And that is haiku

Coming from afar
Winding around the mountain trail
Going nowhere fast

Jonathan Said


Leg cuts, face abrasions, insomnia
Buttock bruises, scratched shins, headaches and fluid retention
Fun was had by all

A wide range of foodstuffs
Foods were a pleasure to the eye
Japan is an eater's destination

Ladders, chains, steps and signs
Forty four huts in the North Alps alone
Japan is a hiker's destination

Stephen Lee


Fast or slow hiker
Differences disappear
In the cemetery

In the here and now
Submit to things as they are
The gods love sake

You carried my bags
And caught me when I fell
My heart is grateful!

There was on old bitch
Who barked the mountain
That taught her new tricks

Victoria Moreno


Age carries us all
To death, but we also bear
Life to those we love

Nancy Marsh


Hiking and eating
In Japan are an awesome
Experience we all love

Chie lost her jacket
We all searched our rucksacks
Mun was wearing it!

Mun Takeda


Summer turns to autumn
All things must change. As we climb
Legs turn to jello

A troop of monkeys
Appears ahead. Just like us
Picking blueberries

Temple bell calls us
Six o'clock meditation
High on Mount Koya

Bob Heffill



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