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Haiku poems composed during the Mountains of Central Japan tour September 2009

Sitting on my arse
In front of Mohawk griller
Kanazawa heat

Grill restaurant meal
Drunk Japanese neighbours
Crazy TV show

Pig trotter ladies
Pine trees supported on logs
Pork more later on

Dessert menu void
Stop thinking about food fat arse
Elvis taxi man

Afternoon of sights
Gold leaf on black sesame
Shamisen playing

Post-evening meal
Blood racing from salty grill
Softened by shochu

Beer nuts for Bobby
Bananas for the monkeys
Grilled meat for the Aussies

Next round's on me
Earned from hot work on grill
Yamada Nobuo

Soy beans for breakfast
Followed by flatulence
Then relaxed relief

Our gentle guide sits
Then he farts, loudly, next door
Oblivious bliss

Prum trees in Paris
Kyoto unter den linden
Kanazawa pines

Sheep dog on scooter
Big mop of dog imbalance

Playing with willy
All alone in the onsen
Hope no-one sees me

Eating bee larvae
Faint sense of honeyed crunch
Who will staff the hive?

A breathless bat pants
Forced backward by the cruel wind
Drops from exhaustion

Spurned by grandma 73
Subsists in the wilds

Grandma discovers
A brand new way of living
Amongst the monkeys

Fields aflush with rice
Constant features from window
Whilst passing on train

Buckwheat for soba
Cream flowers pretty cotton tails
I like my noodles

Seem benign to me
The Soka Gakkai couple
But then who's to know?

I saw a monkey
But he climbed up a tree
Didn't want to play

Those final few steps
To the top of the mountain
Always a killer

The food keeps coming
Old lady delivers with
Mischievous cackle

Dressed in a kimono
Laugh and smile from host

Steaming red hot pool
Grandma boobs and buttocks sag
Sento in Japan

Steep ladders and chains
On horizon Fuji looms
Yari at sunrise

In relentless rain
Rivers of water erode
Forested descent

The endless rain falls
As we trudge the mountain ridge
Cold, wet, on my way home

Matsumoto heat
Was it only yesterday
We froze on the peak?

Tired aching limbs
Welcome relief from onsen
Heat soaks through my bones

Could it really be
Mr Sho Nakamura
Lived in Donald?

Only in winter
You can't buy persimmons now
What were you thinking?

Little mangy cat
Protests to lunchtime clients
In eatery queue

Shelter from the cold rain
Ripe socks on kerosene heat
Otensho hut

Man with face mask lies
Sprawled, passed out in his train seat
Hope he's still breathing

Modular bento
Pickles, fish, and rice
Shinkansen lunch box

Simon and Lisa



She's seventy three
And lost in the Japan Alps.
Lost? I hope she'd found

Will the ptarmigan
With the injured leg make it?
Winter lies ahead

Above the torrent
A bat flutters on the wind
Simon rescues it

First signs of autumn
Mellowing colours and fruit
Picking blueberries

Pork cutlet and chips
Koike's smiling face
At Otensho Hut

Eating sazae
Memories of a mermaid
So hard to swallow



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