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Climbing to our hut on Mount Fuji

Komagusa (Dicentra Peregrina)

Lunch including Shinshu soba noodles

On Yari peak

Yarigatake from Nishidake at sunset

Tailor-made Mountains of Central Japan tour - July 2010

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Summer this year was long and very hot. Temperatures in the mountains, even at altitudes over 2,500 meters, climbed into the 30's! The heat made hiking in the North Alps in the third week of July pretty uncomfortable.


This tailor-made tour started in Kyoto and ended in Tokyo, with a Mount Fuji climb after a journey through the Alps via Kanazawa, Shirakawago, and Matsumoto.


The first week was led by Tomo, a guide now actively working with Quest Japan. I took over and guided from Matsumoto, including the Mount Fuji section. We were fortunate in having good weather on Fuji. The evening before we climbed to the summit we stayed at one of the newer huts, from where we witnessed a spectacular electric storm in huge banks of cumulo-nimbus clouds. Sunrise generated the usual buzz among the crowds on the summit.


Tomo pointed out how long it took them to reach their destinations on most days, particularly when walking. Any group planning to hike in high summer here, particularly as the climate heats up, should take into account the tiring nature of the summer heat.


In spite of the high temperatures which seemed to prolong jet lag, the clients had a successful trip and had the following to say –


“ The Japanese Alps were fabulous and Mount Fuji was phenomenal”


“ Tomo was a real gentleman, with a great sense of humour and lots of knowledge about wildlife”

Sea of clouds from hut on Mount Fuji
Snow in the crater of Mount Fuji
Torii gate on Mount Fuji

Exploring Matsumoto

Lightening seen in the clouds from the 7.5 station on Mount Fuji

Matsumoto Castle

Owner showing off a giant beetle at a small festival in Matsumoto

Santokh en route to Yarigatake

Sunrise from Mount Fuji

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