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Haiku poems composed during the Imperial Pilgrimage Route tour October 2008


At the Big Cloud Pass
Sunlight filtering through trees
From darkness to light

Through cathedral trees
Walking between temple and shrine
Our souls tramp upwards

Travelling hopefully together
Ever thankful for falling rain
Steps towards sunlight

The path takes two ways
Toad jumps, crabs crawl, the birds fly
Which is right, which wrong?



To get nine virtues
I walked the Kumano Kodo
Ah! Ah! Ooh! More sake

Sit on a floor to eat
Nowhere for my legs or feet
Heaven is a chair

Persimmon and mandarins
Japanese coffee and friendly people
Yamanobe no michi

Mountain museum
Hidden in the lovely hills
What is your dark secret?



  Put bags in the van
And all drive up to the trail
Then walk like a snail

Water running to a pond
Carp eat all my different rice
They think its nice

A crab and a frog
Cross my path time after time
But not a snake please



  Cedars overhead
Mosses, lichens slip underfoot
Cooling stones to hug

Futon are the rage
Tatami mats fit the room
And buckwheat calms all



The warm autumn days
We share, deep in the forest
Kumano Kodo

Follow the river
To travel, not to arrive
To see, not to look




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