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Haiku poems composed during the Mountains of Central Japan tour September 2005

Philosopher's walk
Stringing beads of memories
Onto threads of thought
(voted winner)

Japanese translation of winning haiku

I don't remember
Is it near or far?
We'll know soon enough

Effortless and calm
They rise as if on thermals
Yet I only plod

Autumn leaves chuckle
As they tumble from the roof
Chased by the wind

Shit! I can't do it
Don't talk about writer's cramp
This is worse than that

Sue Fraser

Japanese tunnels
Where would we be without them?
Stuck in Osaka?
(voted second)

Spearing through the clouds
We reach Yari's peak at dawn
Breathless and in awe

Bridal privacy?
Champagne in a private bath
Is just about it

Five thousand yen scotch?
Three shots - we persuade ourselves
We are men who know

At Ginkakuji Gravel
Fuji, moss, cool streams
Ease troubles away

Can't wash - sweat ferments
But papaya wet wipes bring
Fragrance to shared dorms
Karaoke queen
How can you expect to be
Taken so seriously?

Sion Edwards

Cute caricatures
Snakes, spiders, and school kids
Hidden world beneath

Oli Gaylard

Slipping slippers on
I'm slipping on slippers
Slippery slope down

Fingers feel like thumbs
Dropping seaweed, sushi, tofu
Banzai! Got it now!

Sun down, sun rising
Seven stand on Yari top
Seven happy smiles

Eleanor Kirkpatrick

Hiking in Japan
In search of enlightenment
It hides deep within

Timothy Ince

Japanese gardens
Trees clipped into submission
Rocks, moss, water, peace

High rocky mountains
Defaced with chains and ladders
Should people be there?

Yesterday's small fish
Swims free in spakling water
Today sashimi
(voted third)

Cooked slimey mollusc
Still coiled tight in your hard shell
I cannot eat you

Up and up I climb
Breath is short and knees hurting
Why do I do it?

Long-eared bronze Buddha
Promising enlightenment
What can you teach me?

Ruth Greeham

Stinky monks
Is it when
You started to ferment?

Just tell me
Who made the most bruises
On your way?

Meg Mazaki

A fart from next door
Breaking the solemn silence
Of Yochiin temple

Linking the forest
Yellow and black spider's web
Shimmering autumn

The trilocosm
As a flower unfolding
Lotus matrix world

Naked man on a bike
Stopped by police. But why?
He gave us a giggle

Bob Heffill


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