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Haiku poems composed during the Spring in the Heart of Japan tour April 2007


Neatly paved pathways
Stringing their most sacred shrines
We walk for red fruit

(voted best haiku)

Japanese translation of winning haiku

  (to come shortly)


Warm choco croissants
A latte sipped, tour escape
Rewards of playing hookie

Covered mouth, hushed smile
Butterfly batting lashes
She walks in and pleases

Hot fog of scooped bowls
Bubbling over a splash
Two giggles we share

Linzi Liebman


Skyward the bus climbs
Museum in the mountain
Beauty all around

Petals blow in the breeze
Delicate pink blossoms float
Fleeting season ends

Futon on the floor
Buckwheat pillow for your head
Sleep comes easily

Nancy Liebman


Ice blossoms drift down
To be reborn in the earth
It's time to go home

Fish eyes down my throat
I'm not quite ready for tea
Gel blobs still haunt me

Judy Liebman


Screaming boys and girls
Flirt with deer in Nara
Sonorous bell tolls

A feast for the eyes
All this, but no bread left
At the Miho today

The bells are silent
But the Shandong statue smiles
Echoes of the past

In morning darkness
Snug as a bug in a rug
Under my futon

On a warm spring breeze
The sweet scent of strawberries
Reminds me of you

Bob Heffill

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