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Haiku poems composed on the Springtime in the Heart of Japan Tour
March 2004

The first bath I took
Mom and I squeezed in one tub
Now we know better
(voted winner)

I can't eat this fish
This reconstituted fish
But I love sausage

Samar Jamali

Jizo guiding souls
To world of nothingness
And eternal happiness
(voted third)

Rule Britannia
And stars and stripes for ever
May countries have peace

What are we eating?
Don't ask me, for I don't know
Each bite is a surprise

Blossoms attempting
To break from winter cocoons
Grey winter disappears

Juliana Post

An eerie old place
Resting place of so many
Passing through this life

A strange place, Japan
You reside on high tech throne
Yet eat, sleep, on floor

Patrick Squire

Cheltenum is the
Same place as Cheltenham. We
Yanks do not speak good

Fish is OK, but Squire likes
The real thing better

A village audience soon
Will be enchanted with the
Squires tales of Japan

Roy Pfeil

Hiking in Japan
Told us off for very bad form
Where are your stick tips?

Tofu, rice, green tea
Sitting on floor, oh me!
Murder for coffee

Lorna Squire

Mist hides the blossom
Buds are plump. So am I
After my noodles
(awarded second prize)

Deer, deer! Rain, rain, rain
Twelve hundred year old temple
Origami cranes

Samar buys senbei
Nara deer take the biscuit
She is overwhelmed

Bob Heffill


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