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Haiku poems composed on the Springtime in the Heart of Japan Tour
April 2008

A group of strangers
Sitting at dinner
Not knowing where to start

Cherry blossom everywhere
Some in full bloom
Some already leaved

Jeanne d'Ornellas


Which one shall I choose
When the futon is too short
Cold head or cold feet?

Spring days in Japan
The sound of children laughing
While pink petals fall

Soft futon above
Rock hard tatami below
Me in the middle

Turn off your iPod
And listen to the forest
So many new songs!

Walking through the woods
Just me and my endorphins
Japan mountain high

I wake to silence
Then the sigh of her soft breath
The sound of the rain

Richard Thaler


I wish to fly through the woods
Later we learn to glide young
Fern shoots through the trees

Golden candlelit forest
Sweet scented forest wood smoke
Incense in my breath

Hot spring onsen
Easy conversation
Lost bare mountainside

Cold stone garden
Whispering floorboards
Creaking joints

13x6 tatamis
Ryoku cha
Snotty nose

Juan d'Ornellas


The petals are now falling
We are moving
The new leaves are coming

Laure Thorel


Snacks, treats, yummy sweets
Apples, oranges, good to eat
Satiation reached?

Today's dire question
Cotton candy/Candy floss?
Shall we discuss it?

Friends made, blossoms viewed
Sweat, tears, struggling up steep hills
Fond memories made

Soft pale blossoms
Silent in their brilliance
Scattering snowflakes

Agnes Thaler


Sacred waterfalls
Shattering from rock to still pool
A cloud of spray

Why is my foot wet?
And where's the toilet?
Oh shit (in my shoe)!

Peru d'Ornellas


Blossoms kiss the sky
An eagle soars overhead
Lips kiss candyfloss

A jamming session
Up at the funky monk's place
Global harmony

Ferns lift on the breeze
But to glide through the forest
Is a dream come true

Sunrise at Nachi
Flowers fall silently
Camellia tree

We follow the path
Into the ancient forest
Crystal waterfall

Bob Heffill


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