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Haiku poems composed during the West Japan Explorer tour November 2007


Moss deep in shadow
Ancient trees breathing old air
Drinking sweet water

(voted best haiku)

Japanese translation of winning haiku (to come)


White paper prayers
Caps, bibs, wrap cold stone statues
Shrine another shrine

Where is fall colour?
Backpack prevents peering up
Look under my feet

Carol Tripp


Red leaves, tangled roots,
Sugi takes a deep breath in,
Autumn floor rustles

At dinner Bob says
'I eat a duck and mouse too'

Lorna Speirs


Starting new each day
Taking steps in front of steps
As in life it is

Karen Ueberwasser


On Yakushima
A cricket sings me to sleep
We are not alone

We are hostages
People imprisoned in cells
We know as ourselves

(translation from Japanese 'thought for the day' outside a Zen temple)

Cold Kyoto morning
Kamogawa riverside
Three geese fly downstream

Bob Heffill



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