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Haiku poems composed during the West Japan Explorer tour November 2008


Unformatted images
Ingrained memories

Poisonous fugu
It didn't blow me away
But we all survived

Does a clean liver
Mean you live a cleaner life?
Check with the blowfish



Expecting warm sun
But I met rain and back pain
Yet I still like late fall

West Japan differs
Forests and sea are part of life
I am glad I came



  Everywhere that we look
Camellia, persimmon
Cedar and bamboo

  Not thunder, only tired
Rumbling hikers' snores
Felt in the hut

Toes grip the bamboo
Two natural resources
Of use to us yet!

See the crater? No!
The planet's naturally force
Hidden by the mist



Red, gold, smoky light
Doe grazing, stream bubbling
Scent of earth. Content!

  Rain taps, floating dream
Autumn moon hung on Yari
Moist eyes, life drifts on

Dancing bonito
Fugu, sweet crab, green roe. Yum!
Foodie's paradise



  Hiking in Japan
Every step, each new pathway
Brings new surprises

Zenzo, straw slippers
Cold water, hot toilet seat
Ahh! What a relief

The road to Aso
Forest of delicate trees
Swaying with the wind

Rainy day, wood steps
Boulders with rope, wild tree roots
Tired legs, bad knee



The shaved bonito
Is dancing on my dinner
Does it live again?

Big station, big crowds,
But two to minutes to change trains
Bob, where is your flag?

Toothless grandma smiles
Makes udon noodles by hand
Laughing with gaijin

Wonderful dinner
This time seventeen courses
What is that , brown stuff?



Fresh sea scent, white clouds
Rainbow shines through misty skies
Ginger bursts on my tongue

New Takatsuka hut
Toto beckons, onsen sings
Snoring symphony

Five coins. Three bows. Clap.
Refab charms, printed prayers
Come enlightenment

Train stops, doors open
Entering, laughing . quick, sit!
Platform vanishes



We ate the fugu
We drank the sake
We woke the next day

A volcano seen
Bonni walking like a duck
Steve rolling down hill

Japanese bathing
A community affair
Naked like babies

A thousand steps up
To see an old cedar tree
A thousand steps down



In Yakushima ~

Days in which live
Moving through the countryside
Running through the fields



  Will the falling rain
Wash away the pain we feel
In Hiroshima?

Ah! Yakushima, ah!
Red on green on red on green
Hibiscus flowers

A sobering thought
Yankee Noodle Dandy
Izumo soba



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