Mountain hiking

Imperial Pilgrimage Route

Type: Mountain hiking | Walking and culture | Level: moderate

This was the first tour we ran in 2003, and has remained a very popular itinerary.

Although less dramatic than the Japan Alps, the forested mountains of the Kii Peninsula, south of Nara, have for centuries been regarded as sacred. We’ll hike a pilgrimage route to Kumano Sanzan shrines as well as doing other walks, stay at wonderful onsen, enjoy delicious food, and explore Yoshino, Asuka, Nara, and Kyoto.

Duration: 13 or more nights

Mountains of Central Japan

Type: Mountain hiking | Walking and culture | Level: vigorous

One of our original tours, one we’ve been running since 2014.

Starting in Tokyo, the tour route is to the North Japan Alps and Hida Mountains to Shirakawago where we stay in a mountain village farmhouse, then on to Kanazawa. One of our most popular itineraries, this trip will appeal to those who enjoy mountain hiking. In addition to great hikes, there is plenty of time to learn about and experience many aspects of Japanese culture along the way.

Duration: 8 - 12 Nights

National Park Trails in Kyushu

Type: Mountain hiking | Level: vigorous

A trip featuring hiking in Kyushu and the Kirishima Yaku National Park. Although not as high as the North or South Alps, the warmer southern island of Kyushu, and the Yakushima island, have opportunities for great hiking. With delicious food and drink, and warm, welcoming locals, Kyushu and the islands are highly recommend if you want to see another side of Japan and get well off-the-beaten track.

Duration: 8 - 12 Nights

Roof of Japan

Type: Mountain hiking | Level: strenuous

This mountain hiking trip is a classic trek, one of the finest long distance hikes in Japan. It’s rated strenuous. You need to be experienced and prepared to hike long, tough mountain days. It’s hut-to-hut, off road. There’s no need to carry food, bedding, or tents, as we’ll use the amazing network of mountain huts in the North Japan Alps. If there’s one challenging, long-distance hike you’d like do in Japan, this is it! Many of our clients have hiked around the world, but not considered Japan or even considered a trek like this here possible.

Duration: 8 - 12 Nights

Peak Challenge

Type: Mountain hiking | Level: strenuous

If you’re interested in a couple of strenuous climbs, but only have a few days during your Japan trip to do them, we’d recommend this plan. The first ascent is of magnificent Kaikomagatake (one of Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains) and Senjogatake, and the second Mount Fuji. Start and finish in Tokyo, with a night in Matsumoto between the mountain hikes.

You must be experienced and prepared for strenuous mountain hiking.

Duration: 7 Nights or less

The Old Salt Road

Type: Mountain hiking | Mainly Walking | Level: moderate

A new itinerary featuring an old road or kaido, a Shio no Michi routes which connected the Sea of Japan to the north, and the Pacific in the south, to the province of Shinano (present-day Nagano Prefecture). Salt for preserving foods was carried along these roads for processing in the Nagano area.

The routes in Northern Nagano are called the Chikuni Kaido.

Duration: 7 Nights or less

North Japan Alps

Type: Mountain hiking | Mainly Walking | Level: vigorous

With some of the best mountain hiking routes in Japan, this short trip follows one of the best in the North Japan Alps. Starting from the Kamikochi Valley, the trail climbs steeply to follow ridges and peaks along what the Japanese call the Omote Ginza route.

Accommodation is in mountain huts on trek days.

Duration: 7 Nights or less

The Deep North

Type: Mountain hiking | Walking and culture | Level: moderate

Exploring of the beautiful far north of the main island Honshu. Hiking in forests and on upland marshes, with stays in traditional inns, and little-known natural hot springs. Delicious food!

Duration: 7 Nights or less

The Roof of Hokkaido

Type: Mountain hiking | Mainly Walking | Level: others

This trip includes a traverse of the Daisetsu Kogen Plateau in central Hokkaido, Lake Akan and the surrounding volcanic peaks, and the remote Shiretoko Peninsula extending towards Russia in the far northeast. Alpine flower fields around Asahidake (2,291m), the highest peak on Hokkaido, are stunning in summer.

Particularly recommended for those who love hiking and would like to add a few days onto their Japan trip in the summer or autumn.

Duration: 7 Nights or less